Well Woman Exams

I offer Pap smears and well woman exams to women in all stages of life. I strive to provide gentle exams with a minimum of discomfort. If an adolescent girl is coming in for her first well woman exam, I highly recommend that she bring her mother or other female support person with her to help allay anxiety. A well woman exam includes a Pap smear, optional STD screening, breast exam, any blood tests that the woman may need, and time for the woman to ask any questions she may have concerning female health and sexuality. I am comfortable with women of all ages, from adolescent girls to post-menopausal women, and everyone in between.

Pre-conception counseling

Women or couples planning to become pregnant, may schedule a visit for a pre-conception checkup. This may include interviewing the midwife to become comfortable with her style of practice, a well woman exam if it is needed, information on achieving pregnancy, prenatal vitamins, and/or referrals for any health issues that may need to be addressed prior to pregnancy.

Prenatal care

Early in pregnancy, I recommend that a woman establish care with her midwife so that the midwife is available to her should a health crisis arise. Beginning a quality prenatal vitamin early in pregnancy is advised. After 10-12 weeks, we can attempt to listen for heart tones, though in some cases, we may not be able to hear them for several more weeks. Being seen on a regular basis- monthly for the first 28 weeks, biweekly until 36 weeks, weekly until birth- is important, not only to screen for health concerns but also to establish a relationship with the midwife prior to birth.

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