My philosophy of birth is that it is a normal body process, not a medical event. Labor and birth is a complex, yet very well designed, process. The environment should be respectful toward the needs of the mother so that she may relax and allow “the cocktail of love hormone,” as Dr. Michel Odent calls it, to flow. When the mother feels loved and supported and free from all stress, she and the baby may peacefully complete the process of birth. My goal is to intervene as little as possible and allow the woman and her partner the time and space to do their work uninhibited.

Women should be free to labor and birth in any position that works for them. They should also be free to eat and drink as necessary, to sleep when tired, and to make their own decisions about how their labor is managed. The woman maintains her autonomy throughout her labor and is considered competent to decide what is best for herself and her baby.

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